Welcome to GymFixx.com!

GymFixx is an independent web service offered by fitness equipment supplier Gym Store for business/consumer owners of fitness equipment in the United States and Canada. Our site allows users to find their local fitness equipment repair service assemblers/moving specialists, tons of informational reference materials and the ability to rate how their experience went.

Originally created as an internal tool to increase efficiency for our customers and staff, the moment of enlightenment came when we realized the sheer number of fitness equipment owners that could benefit from this free service that we created.

In short, Gym Fixx can finally help you determine why your treadmill is squeaking, teach you how to prevent it, and offer you an official Gym Fixx toolkit to repair it at home or help enlist the services of a professional.

Gym Fixx is constantly adding additional listings and services to the site, in order to further establish ourselves as the most reliable destination for information, advice, service and specialized toolkits. Please click here if you would like your company or services to be included in our database.